About Us

Forget Your Feet is about the latest gadgets out in the market place. We are super into electric skateboards and want others to know about them. If people are interested, we want to equip you with the best information to know which board will suit you, for the use you are intending for it.

Electric skateboards are getting lighter and faster nearly every month there are new updates. When looking at getting a board we want to make sure you are safe as well as ready to have the best rides of your life. Always wear a helmet, go slow to start with. Don’t go and waste yourself on your first ride.

If you have questions about a board and can’t find them on our site please send us a message. We want to help everyone get the board that is best suited to you and if we haven’t covered a topic or question we want to know!

Why we are so into electric skateboards:

  1. They go fast and don’t require us to push them.
  2. We can take them anywhere, on a bus/train/aeroplane.
  3. They are designed light and with the user in mind
  4. Battery life are getting longer with every new model
  5. We can cruise with our friends
  6. Lastly they don’t cost to much, affordable for the college student!

We hope you have liked our 6 top reasons to go and get yourself a board. Enjoy our site, be informed and make the best decision of your life and get an electric skateboard. You won’t regret it!! Plus we would love to hear your own stories and adventrures so send them through to us on the Contact Us Page or on our Facebook Page: ForgetYourFeet. Better yet video the fun you have on your board and post it up for us to see.

Once again we welcome you to the Forget Your Feet Crew.