Best Electric Skates For Sale – Rocket Skates vs Spnkix

What are the best electric skates today? We review the Spnkix and Rocket Skates and show you which is best.

Have you seen those electric skates on the Internet and wondering if they’re worth it? These are being called the future of skates and the demand for them is quite high, but are they any good? In this guide we’re going to compare the top motor skates and compare them head to head. (more…)

Is Dakott The Best Electric Skateboard For Sale on Amazon?

Interested in buying a Dakott electric skateboard? Read our review and find out if these skateboards are really the best on Amazon.

Have you been looking for an electric skateboard for sale? They have certainly become more popular and some say they’re convenient enough to be used as replacements for cars. One brand that has received a lot of positive feedback is Dakott, but how good are they? Let’s take a look at three of their more popular products and what they can really do. (more…)

Munky Boards Top 3 Motorized Skateboard Reviews

munky board

Looking for a motorized skateboard? We have reviewed the best motorized skateboards and explain their most important features.

Perhaps you’ve seen a motorized skateboard in some video on YouTube or maybe even your friends have one, and especially popular now are those products from Munkyboards. The question is how good are they? Is it worth buying a motor powered skateboard? We decided to take a look at the top products from Munkyboards and see if they’re worth the hype. (more…)

Pokémon GO Craze to Go Next Level

So in the last week Pokemon Go has gone crazy. It has been on the News & Facebook feeds have blown up about this new app. Not only that a guy in New Zealand, Tom Currie, has quit his 9-5 job to become a full time Pokemon Go Instructor.


The Easiest and Cheapest DIY Electric Skateboard Build (Video)

So you can’t afford a Boosted Board?

Looking to build your own DIY Electric Skateboard?

Yes it has been done multiple times before BUT this one is different.

We are confident this build can be done in 2hrs or less.

Resulting it being the cheapest, easiest and quickest build there has been yet! (more…)