Boosted Electric Longboard Capability & Price Review

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In this article, I will give you an in-depth look at three different Boosted electric longboard models.


One of the best ways to get around town is riding an electric longboard.  Unlike driving a car, there’s no need to worry about parking.  Charging time, too, is short, as most models take only an hour or so to re-charge. And we haven’t even mentioned the portability of electric longboards that made them a practical choice for youngsters and even adults looking for an alternative mode of transportation.

Perhaps you may have seen a neighbor go around the park with one, or your colleague going to work riding a Boosted longboard.   Or maybe your friend uses it for errands. Whatever brought you to read this review, you’ll come out of this article knowing more about Boostedboards, considered one of the top electric longboard brands.
There are three Boosted Boards currently available – Boosted Single, Boosted Dual, and Boosted Dual Plus.

Let’s look at each model, the pros and cons, and which type of user it is best suited for.

Boosted Single

The Boosted Single is the lightest model of the three. It is designed for use of one individual, with an eight-mile range. Here are its features:

  • Top speed of 18 miles per hour
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Fast, 60-minute charging
  • 1,000 watts of power
  • Powerful regenerative braking
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds
  • Deck length: 38 inches
  • Truck width: 10 inches
  • Wheel size: 75 mm
  • Range: 8 miles

The Boosted Single is designed for anyone who is seeking a lightweight and practical mode of transportation.  It is the perfect gift for a college student, who will benefit from having a longboard to hop from one classroom to another. It’s a nice investment, too, for a car owner who has had enough of rising gas prices. In fact, owners of older cars may find this longboard a more practical choice than buying a new vehicle.

One misconception is that it is intended for advanced users. The truth is, however, that it can be used by novice riders as well. Its advanced software can adjust power and speed levels, making it easier for even a beginner to learn.  In fact, there are even online testimonials of 40 and 50-year-olds who ride the Boosted Single around their neighborhood.

This is a longboard weighing 13.5 pounds. With its lightweight design, you can easily carry it upstairs or into any office. You can even place it under your desk, or lean it up against the wall.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the 38 inch long deck of this longboard. You’ll realize that the relatively short longboard is easy to stow in tight places. Furthermore, it makes it easier to navigate streets and sidewalks.

The top speed of 18 miles per hour gives you plenty of speed. There’s enough power, too, allowing the longboard to take on moderate hills and slopes. Its wheels are also able to handle cracks on the roads, and can easily manage hard turns. Simply put, the Boosted Single is ideal for the commuter and recreational rider.

One thing to be aware of is that the unit is not designed to be used in the rain. This applies to the other two models as well.

Controlling the longboard shouldn’t be much of a problem, with its intuitive remote control. You can accelerate or stop by pressing on the ergonomic thumb wheel. You can keep track of the range left on the board by looking at the LED display interface on the remote.

On a single charge, this unit can go seven miles. That should be enough for you to buy beer from the local grocery store, or run errands on a busy day.  You also won’t have to wait for a long while to charge the unit, as charging takes around an hour. If you’re running late, you can charge it for 30 minutes, which takes the battery level to85 percent.

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Boosted Dual

The Boosted Dual is a more expensive model, with a retail price of $1,299. For that price, you’ll get a unit that has the following features:

  • Boosted dual drive 1,500 watt motor
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Maximum speed of 20 miles per hour
  • Range: 7 miles
  • Uphill climbing: 20% grade
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Deck length: 38 inches

The Boosted Dual is ideal for intermediate to experienced riders who have actually ridden a skateboard or long board before. The speed of the unit, coupled with its weight, make it less appropriate for the neophyte rider.

If you try out this board, you’ll be impressed with its speed. At a top speed of 20 miles an hour, the Dual can overtake bikers easily. You’ll have enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning because the Dual can get you there fast.

While the Dual is a great product, it is not for skateboard enthusiasts who enjoy doing tricks. The reason is that the Dual does not have a tail. Moreover, it is heavier compared to a normal skateboard. It does have large and grippy wheels, though.

The look of the board may be the least of your concerns but the Boosted logo and an orange mark at the front only add to the appeal of this product.

Climbing uphill won’t be much of a concern as well, as the unit has an uphill climbing rate of 20%. Its 1,500 watt motor likewise guarantees that you have enough power whether cruising down the street or climbing uphill. Simply put, this board can speed up steep hills faster than most mountain bikers.

Like the Single, the Dual features Boosted’s regenerative braking system. The wheels assist in slowing down the unit so you can have peace of mind knowing that you can come to a full stop anytime especially while turning a corner or going downhill.

Aside from the power and braking system of this long board, you will love the 75mm in Heat wheels of the unit. The wheels are tough enough to take in the cracks and gravel that every road has to offer. These wheels were designed to give users a smooth ride and fantastic traction, as well as handle high speeds.

As far as drawbacks are concerned, the most obvious one is the price. At around $1,200 plus, this is obviously a very expensive unit.  But you must also realize that this is not a run-of-the-mill electronic device, and that once you ride it, you will feel that you got your money’s worth.

One other area where the product doesn’t rate that well is range, which is only  7 miles on eco mode. When the mode is set to expert, the range is only 6 miles, with the top speed at 20 miles an hour. While there may be other brands that offer a longer range,  few can match up with the motor and braking system of the Boosted Dual.

On the positive side, charging of the batteries will only take an hour or so, unlike other brands that can take more than two hours.

The unit comes with a six month warranty against manufacturing defects. Shipping is free within the United States and Canada, with delivery usually taking 7-10 days. However, shipping to other countries is not yet offered at this time although the company says it is working on it.

Payment can be through credit cards. The manufacturer also accepts Affirm financing, which allows buyers to pay for their purchases in monthly installments. Aside from the 6-month warranty against defects, the manufacturer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

In summary, the Dual is simply a great alternative mode of transportation that you can invest in, or perhaps give to your son who’s about to enter college. Keep in mind that, despite the hefty price tag, you’re getting one of the most powerful, versatile, and stylish boostedboards.

If you’re after a long board with a very impressive power, good braking, great maneuverability and sufficient climbing prowess, the Dual is for you.

Boosted Dual Plus

The Boosted Dual+ is the most powerful among the company’s three models. Not surprisingly, the price is higher as well, coming in at $1,499. Although the price may initially generate some sticker shock, you ought to look at its features first to understand that you are getting your hands on what is undoubtedly the best electronic longboard on the market:

  • Boosted dual drive 2,000 watt motor
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Maximum speed of 22 miles
  • Range: 7 miles
  • Deck length: 38 inches
  • Uphill climbing: 25% grade
  • Weight: 15 pounds

The Dual Plus is the fastest and most powerful electric skateboard by Boosted.

The motors are tied to the rear wheels and are fairly quiet. They are also well positioned on the board; not affecting the elevation of the deck nor getting in the way when you ride the Dual Plus. While the motors do add a lot of weight at the back, this is balanced by the batteries located up front.

Like the Dual and the Single, operating the Dual Plus is straightforward. There is the rubberized, orange button located near the front of the deck just beneath the top of the battery pack. Press the button and the LED light will flash to indicate that the unit has been switched on. Then flip the unit over and turn on the wireless remote control.

The pistol-shaped remote control fits in the palm comfortably. Moreover, it is very easy to use. It has its own batteries, but these don’t noticeably affect the weight. Whether you’re right or left-handed, you’ll have good control.

The throttle is very responsive in all modes, particularly the expert mode.  The 25% grade climbing ability means you don’t need to sweat a lot if your neighborhood has a lot of uphills.

The remote of the Dual Plus is key to a fun riding experience. You can accelerate or come to a full stop using the ergonomic thumb wheel. As with the other two Boosted models, there is a LED display on the remote that lets you know how much range there is left on the unit.

The deck length and width of the Dual Plus is the same as that of the Dual. It is long and wide enough for any user’s foot. The range of the Dual Plus is also the same as that of Dual. The range can dip to as low as 4.5 miles when you unleash the extra mode of the board that unlocks its power.

One word of caution – when you’re in expert mode, fast and sudden inputs can make you fall off.

The manufacturer doesn’t indicate a weight limit for users on all three models. However, it would be safe to assume that the maximum weight capacity of the Dual and Dual Plus is 300 pounds.

Similar to the two other models, the Dual Plus can be purchased online at Boosted’s corporate website. Delivery is free within the United States and Canada.

In summary, the Dual Plus can be a very good alternative to skateboards and a cheaper alternative to cars. As you have learned from this article, the Dual Plus can help you get around the neighborhood quickly and safely.


Whether you’re interested in the Single, Dual, or Dual Plus, you will definitely not regret buying a Boosted electric longboard.  A Boosted electric skateboard can serve as a convenient, easy-to-use, portable, and practical mode of transportation for skateboard enthusiasts and even neophyte riders.

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