The Cheapest 1800w Electric Skateboard with Remote Control

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Find out what is the cheapest 1800 watt electric skateboard with remote control today.

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Buying an electric skateboard can be overwhelming especially when you look at the prices of the current models available today. While a traditional longboard can be had for less than $200, you will definitely have to shell out thousands of dollars for an electric skateboard.

Although you may be aware that an electric skateboard can take you to places without tiring your legs and feet, the price may still discourage you from getting one.

The Benchwheel Dual 1800w Electric Skateboard B2 is the cheapest electric skateboard it retails on Amazon for $699, especially once you look at the specs you will realize that you will get your money’s worth with this product.


The e-skateboard is, after all, powered by dual 1800 watt motors, one of the most powerful motors among electronic skateboards today. Aside from being powerful, the motors are very quiet when in operation. And when you compare it to other e-skateboards with a single motor, this product ‘s twin motor setup allows it to have a reliable and strong braking. There are also two optional speed levels for neophyte and veteran riders.
It also has a wireless handheld remote controller that makes it easier to control the board. And it has a very good speed of 30 kilometers an hour, or around 18.5 miles per hour. Its range is an impressive 20 kilometers per single charge.
Aside from its 1800 watt brushless sina-wave motor, the Benchwheel skateboard has a 8.8 Ah LifePO3 battery pack that has a charging life of more than 800 times. It is able to climb 25 degrees uphill, and can hold weights of 200 kilograms or around 440 pounds. This makes it one of the best e-skateboards as far as user weight capacity is concerned.
There are actually two models of this skateboard— the B & C. The B board is the standard long board measuring 36.8 x 9.5 inches. The C Board is skinnier at both ends.

The weight of this e-skateboard is 16 pounds.
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If you have some experience in riding a long board, you will realize how easy it is to use the Bench Wheel. Most users indicate that they were able to find their balance in just 5 to 10 minutes.
Its remote control is also comfortable to use. The acceleration is also very good, as it doesn’t accelerate too fast for your parents or girlfriend to get freaked out. Braking is also very intuitive.
You will also be impressed with the weight of the electric longboard. At 16 pounds, it is relatively light compared to its competitors. You can carry this to your office after reaching your destination. And with its top speed of 18 miles an hour, you can easily get from point A to point B with this e-skateboard. It’s the ideal companion for short commutes.
The e-skateboard’s deck is made from three layers of bamboo and two layers of fiberglass. This impressive construction is what makes the board light and durable. There’s also a carved out grip along its side for carrying convenience. And a sleek metal case at the bottom of the board protects the board electronics.
The slim deck of the skateboard is barely noticeable to onlookers. In fact some may even think that you are just using a traditional long board!
The Bluetooth remote control of the e-skateboard has five LED lights. The three lights on the bottom is for battery level or status while the other two are for speed tracking. The remote control, which is shaped like a mini-shot gun, has triggers that control the speed and acceleration of the board.
Compared to other electric skateboards, this remote control skateboard has a curved acceleration instead of immediate acceleration. The advantage is that with this type of controlled acceleration, you won’t go flying off the back of the board when you press hard on the trigger. This prevents accidents and ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and safe ride.
The remote control is rechargeable via a USB port.
The battery of the skateboard is also worth mentioning. The LifePo batteries are considered safer than lithium ion batteries that are often used in other electric skateboards. These are incombustible and stable during short circuit. If the batteries come under duress, it won’t lose efficiency or decompose due to its phosphate based cathode material.
Charging of the batteries will take you around 3 to 4 hours. Initial charging is shorter at around two hours.

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The Benchwheel skateboard isn’t waterproof but you can have it go through shallow puddles.
Although you may not care about the packaging, the very ordinary, white box that the skateboard comes in is also quite a disappointment. For the price that you’re paying for this product, you may expect one that looks nice and with instructions if possible.
The battery indicators are also not properly labeled. Many online reviewers admitted that they just realized what those LED lights are for after a few days of using them.


The e-skateboard is priced at $699 although there’s no information available about warranty and refund.

Final Verdict

The Bench Wheel electronic skateboard is the cheapest skateboard you canbenchwheel get and you will definitely get your money’s worth with this e-skateboard. There are very few models that boast of a dual, 1800 watt motor and this happens to be one of them. You can expect superior acceleration and braking with this electronic skateboard.
Moreover, the skateboard is pretty easy to use especially if you know how to ride a long board. Despite some flaws there is no denying that the Bench Wheel product is one of the best electric skateboards today.

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