Is Dakott The Best Electric Skateboard For Sale on Amazon?

Interested in buying a Dakott electric skateboard? Read our review and find out if these skateboards are really the best on Amazon.

Have you been looking for an electric skateboard for sale? They have certainly become more popular and some say they’re convenient enough to be used as replacements for cars. One brand that has received a lot of positive feedback is Dakott, but how good are they? Let’s take a look at three of their more popular products and what they can really do.

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Electric Skateboard for Sale

Dakott 1200W 20 MPH Electric Skateboard, Black

One of the best electric skateboard available today, the Dakott 1200W can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour and a cruise range of 17 miles. Powered by a top of the line 24V 8 ah lithium-ion battery (1200W working voltage), the Dakott has lots of juice to keep you going, and recharging takes only 2 hours max.

The skateboard has a maximum load capacity of 250 lbs. so it should suffice for most people. The specs for the radio remote (30 degrees, 2.4 Ghz) are solid and at 11 lbs. the Dakott isn’t that heavy. The board itself is constructed from 9-ply Canadian maple, and couple that with solid aluminum alloy and you’ve got a solid electric skateboard. Measuring 60 x 25 cm (23 x 9 inches), the Dakott is easy to carry and bring with you.

The Dakott has a sleek look and the board is responsive. Jumping on and steering is pretty straightforward and braking is easy too. Given its competitive price tag the Dakott performs pretty well. The design is stylish and at the same time it has practical elements that make simplify operation.

Who is the Dakott 1200W 20 MPH Electric Skateboard For?

The Dakott is for those looking for a reasonably priced but well-designed electric skateboard. It is easy to maneuver and responsive, and it works well for the off-road and smooth streets. Because it is affordable, the Dakott is ideal for beginners who have never tried an electric skateboard for commuting and want to see if it suits them. But even long time riders will find a lot to like here as it is responsive and durable.


This skateboard is often sold for less than a thousand dollars, making it one of the more affordable models available. Since it is sold in a lot of different sites it’s a good idea to look around and compare the price.

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Dakott Electric Skateboard

Dakott 1200 Watt 20 Mph Electric Long Skateboard, Black

There is no shortage of skateboard electric models, but the Dakott Long is hard to ignore given its feature set. With a 1200 watt motor, the Dakott Long can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph, and with a 20 mile range is very capable of being used for commuting. Like the regular Dakott, the Long version runs on an 8.8Ah lithium-Ion battery, and with a maximum load of 250 lbs. is an indicator of how durable it is.

The board is constructed well and has a nice solid feel to it. In addition to the construction, the aluminum alloy trucks are well made. Its motor is top of the line and makes it easy to cruise on hills as it is on city pavements. Its mile range is suitable for commuting and the solid build means you can use this in different conditions even if you don’t know how it works.

A lot of the specs are similar to the Dakott 1200 including the 2 hour charging time, and the specs for the radio remote control is the same (30 degrees, 2.4 Ghz). Appearance wise the Dakott may not look that different from others, but when you’re on it the experience is different as movement is so smooth it’s almost fluid. In terms of response the skateboard is right up there with the best of them.

Who is the Dakott 1200 Watt 20 Mph Electric Long Skateboard For?

The Dakott Long skateboard is ideal for experienced riders in search of maximum performance. It is solidly built and the design makes it suitable for use on different types of terrain. You can use this for morning commute, but it’s just as fun to ride this like a standard skateboard. While it is not made for stunts, the ride is smooth and great if you want to cruise. Like the other Dakott boards this is designed mainly for street use but it will hold up for a ride along the hills just fine.


Prices vary but you can usually find it for just a shade under $2,000 in most stores, and discounts are usually given.

dakott board

Dakott 500×2 Hub Motor High long Electric Skateboard, Black

Also known as the SK-B2, this is a high end electric long skateboard that’s packed with power. Equipped with a 24V 8 ah lithium-ion battery (1200 W), the SK-B2 has a 17 mile cruising range and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. Its 2.4Ghz grade remote control is very responsive and feels comfortable. Constructed from Canadian maple, this is a board built for long term use.

The board is built from Canadian maple, and the gravity casting trucks and aluminum alloy complete the set up. Its hub motor is put to good use as the ride is smooth and unimpeded. The board is solid but it does have a certain amount of flex, and this is what helps the Dakott handle less than ideal surfaces.

The battery system is well implemented and once you’re on it’s a smooth and easy ride. Braking and steering are responsive, and the 17 mile range is just right for skateboards in this range. Like the other Dakott skateboards this one is light so you can carry it with you anywhere. If you’re using this to commute you probably don’t need to move at 20 mph, but even at maximum speed the Dakott doesn’t compromise when it comes to handling.

Who is the Dakott 500×2 Hub Motor High long Electric Skateboard For?

The 500×2 Hub Motor is one of the most powerful skateboards today, and its built –and price- is aimed at power users. The 26 mile range means it’s good enough for regular commuting, but it’s also powerful and will meet the needs of power riders. However if you’re a beginner and want to give this a try, it’s not a bad option either as it’s easy to use. While this isn’t the cheapest electric skateboard available, it is a solid one. You can think of this as an investment as it will pay off.

Skateboard Price – What should you expect to pay

It usually costs around $1400 to $1500+ depending on where you buy, but due to competition there is often free shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where to find an electric skateboard for sale?
A: You can buy the Dakott boards in several online retail stores. The prices vary but in the popular online stores, like Amazon, it’s usually available with free shipping.

Q: How do I maximize the range of my electric skateboard?
A: It varies among models, but the best way is by riding on flat surfaces and not going for the maximum speed limit. While these boards can handle up to 250 lbs. performance is at its best when the rider’s weight is not close to this level (i.e. 175 lbs.).

Q: How long will the battery last?
A: battery life depends on how you use the skateboard. If you ride it on smooth, flat pavements at moderate speeds and without nearing the maximum load capacity, the battery will run for a long time. However it will require a charge sooner if used on rugged terrain and is constantly moving at top speed.

Q: How do I maintain the skateboard?
A: Use the skateboard only on surfaces which it is meant to be used on. Do not use them to perform extreme sports-type tricks because they are not designed for such, and follow any safety guidelines in the user guide or the official website.

Q: Are these skateboards built for long term use?
A: Yes, they are made from Canadian maple and can withstand heavy use. However you should use the skateboard only as directed.

The Verdict

It’s not hard to find an electric skateboard for sale online, but the Dakott line takes it to another level. They are competitively priced and in terms of performance right up there with the best. What is even better is these skateboards are available online so it’s easy to get your hands on them. As to which of the three is the best, that is something only you can decide but all three are top notch.


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