E Glide 4wd Electric Skateboards Must Read Review

This article gives you everything you need to know about the three models of E-Glide electric skateboards.


The skateboard is one of the most popular sports equipment of all-time. Through the years, it has made millions of teenagers and even adults engaged and active.

But what if the skateboard is modified by having an electric motor propel it? Perhaps you’ve seen a couple of teenagers use an electric skateboard in your neighborhood, and you’re thinking about getting one for your child. What’s a good motorized skateboard to get him or her? What are its advantages and disadvantages?  These are some of the things this article will try to answer.

E-Glide, a Sta. Monica, California-based company, is one of the more reputable producers and sellers of electric skateboards. They offer three different products — GT Powerboard Aluminum, GT Powerboard Black Anonized, and Aluminum A/T. Each of these three has much to recommend it, and you will certainly not regret the purchase.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these electric skateboard models:

GT Powerboard Aluminumbuy5._V192207739_  

The GT Powerboard Aluminum has the following features:

  • Aluminum deck measuring 45 inches in length, 11 inches in width, and a .75 inch drop for a more stable ride
  • Top speed: 23 miles per hour
  • Enhanced braking and controlled RPM for downhill riding
  • Range: 15 miles on flats (SLA batteries) and 22 miles with H2A lithium battery
  • 9-inch Kendas tires
  • One year warranty

It has a powerful, 800 watt brushed motor that can propel the skateboard to a top speed of 23 miles per hour.  It is a strong, fast, and versatile advanced board that your child can take on trips or cruise down concrete streets.

Importantly, it has a deck that ends with a rise, suggesting that this product is designed for intermediate to medium users. Its huge, nine-inch Kendas tires are inflatable and can be taken off-road. If your child has never used a skateboard before, then perhaps you should pass up on this one and look for another model.  But if he’s a skilled rider, he’ll love the nine-inch wheels that can give him the ability to ride both over rough concrete and off-road with a lot of ease.

Although the skateboard can be used at high speed, the reality is that it can be very tough to control at high speeds. When zooming at high speeds, the board trucks can wobble uncontrollably, causing the user to crash. Definitely, this item is best suited for intermediate and expert skateboarders.

The batteries used in this skateboard are called sealed lead-acid (SLA), which is also used in other electric vehicles such as golf carts. Thus, these are very robust batteries that should last for a while.

This Eglide skateboard has a price of $1,199. You can buy one online from E-Glide’s website. Although it is also sold in other online stores like Amazon.com, you’re better off getting it from the E-Glide website because the site doesn’t charge shipping fees. Shipping is not only free but quick—you can buy today and expect the delivery person knocking at your door the following morning.

Be aware, though, that this is not the type of skateboard that can be carried with one hand. With a weight of more than 80 pounds, this unit is definitely not lightweight.

The GT PowerboardAluminum  4wd electric skateboard is one your youngster would appreciate if he’s an experienced skateboarder. The power of the motor is one thing he’ll definitely love. You can order online from E-Glide’s website. The GT Powerboard Aluminum is said to be the company’s best-seller, and your teenager will know why.

GT Powerboard Black Anonizedbuy5._V192207739_

The GT Powerboard Black Anonized has basically the same features as the best-selling GT Powerboard Aluminum, with one noticeable difference—its deck was subjected to aluminum anodizing, a process wherein a layer of oxidation is added to the aluminum.

This results in an enhanced aluminum, which, unlike iron or carbon steel, is not prone to corrosion or rust. The hard and oxidized layer of aluminum makes the deck more resistant to wear and tear, and a lot stronger than regular wood decks.

The aluminum anodizing process also results in a deck that is beautiful and sleek, and also a lot tougher compared to paint. As mentioned earlier, the thicker outer coating also increases corrosion resistance.  Moreover, the anodized aluminum surface is harder than pure aluminum.

Apart from that, there are other things that your child will love about this unit. One is that it has a wired remote control, which is unlike other e-skateboards that have a wireless model.

While the wired remote control may seem like a disadvantage, there are actually a lot of reasons why you’d rather have your kid use an electric skateboard with a wired remote.

For one, this electric skateboard won’t make loud and irritating humming noise unlike wireless, electric skateboards. Aside from the soft whine of the motor, the GT Powerboard Black Anonized is very quiet.

Second, having a wireless control increases the risk of wireless electronics being subjected to interference from sources like power lines, electric doors, and mobile phones. Interference can cause loss of signal between the powerboard and the controller.  Thus it can be said that a wired remote control is more reliable than a wireless one.

Like its cousin, the GT Powerboard Black Anonized is designed for intermediate and expert users. The battery has a full/half power setting, which lets users decide on the kind of power they need, depending on their skill level.

It can hold individuals weighing as much as 300 pounds, and, unlike most electronic skateboards, can sustain slight rains.

Not surprisingly, the GT Powerboard Black Anonized sells for somewhat more than the GT Powerboard Aluminum. The GT Powerboard Black Anonized has a retail price of $1,269. However, the price includes free shipping to anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Prices on other websites like Amazon.com tend to be higher, around $1,500.

E-Glide Aluminum A/Tbuy5._V192207739_

The E-Glide Aluminum A/T (All-Terrain) is the company’s new model, featuring a wider deck than the two previously mentioned models (14 inches compared to the 11 inches of the GT Powerboard Aluminum and GT Powerboard Black Anonized). The aluminum-plated deck  is designed to last for up to 500 years, a proof of how durable the material is.

According to E-Glide, this model is the most powerful electric skateboard on the market. The following are the other features of the Aluminum A/T:

  • .25 inch thick aluminum plated deck
  • 0 to 25 miles per hour in 4 seconds
  • Range: 12-15 miles on flats
  • All-terrain pneumatic tires
  • One year manufacturer warranty

This amazing, aluminum decked powerboard is backed by a 36 volt, 800 watt motor and is built with European grade electronics.

According to E-Glide, the motor of the A/T is so powerful that it had to install a high/low switch. Its acceleration is so swift that it can zoom to 25 miles an hour from standstill in less than 4 seconds. As far as acceleration is concerned, think about it like a mini-sports car.

Power coming from the motor is transmitted through a drive belt that is maintenance free and quiet while in operation. Then all that power is conveyed to the nine-inch, all-terrain pneumatic tires, allowing the powerboard to easily pass through grass, dirt, and sand. For better handling on the streets, your kid can opt for the slick Kenda 10 inch wheels.

Similar to the two other E-Glide models, the A/T is powered by SLA batteries known for high output and long life. These batteries, which are often used in golf carts, enable the A/T to reach a range of 15 miles or more on flats. If well-maintained, these batteries will last for years and you won’t need to worry about where to get an E-Glide replacement battery.

This is the electronic skateboard that you would want to give to a teenager or adult who’s an expert at skateboarding.  It is built particularly for off-roading, hence the name all-terrain. This E-Glide electric skateboard aluminum deck off road is the perfect companion for those weekend trips to the park and places where the terrain is rugged.

This alternative mode of transportation may also be used by practical adults who think they would rather bring a skateboard to work, especially if their office is near their home. However, one thing to consider is that this is a pretty hefty skateboard, weighing more than 70 pounds. Thus transporting it up the stairs may be difficult.

But if you value something that can last for a long time, then this is the electric skateboard that you ought to buy.

One final advantage is that there are lots of E-Glide electric skateboard parts available online such as remote control and wheels, which would come in handy should the parts of the motorized skateboard get damaged or lost.


You can be assured that an E-Glide for sale would be easy enough to learn for any kid, as its settings can be adjusted to suit beginners.  However, like what you may read from any E-Glide skateboard review, be sure that your child is wearing safety accessories such as helmet, pad, and gloves.

Giving him a motorized skateboard should make him happy. Or why don’t you consider getting one yourself, so you can use it for getting around the neighborhood?





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