Marbel Automatic Electric Skateboard Review

Electric Skateboard More and more people are buying the Marbel automatic electric skateboard. This review will help answer all of your questions.


The skateboard has long been one of the more popular sports equipment of all time. It has gotten an upgraded version in the form of the electric skateboard. You’ve probably heard of it before. Maybe you’ve seen a teenager using one in the park, or your nephew’s asking you to buy him one. You may even get one for yourself, as an automatic skateboard is something you can use in getting around the neighborhood or to do some errands.

An electric skateboard can be a practical alternative to a bike or a car. Unlike a car, owning an electric skateboard means you are not affected by the ever-increasing gas prices. And unlike a bike, you don’t need to exert a lot of effort in going from point A to point B.

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What to Look for in an Electric Skateboard

There are many things that you need to look for in a good electric skateboard. One of the most important factors to consider is the range. Most electric skateboards have a minimum range of 10 miles for a single charge.

The weight of the skateboard is another factor that may affect your buying decision. You should bear in mind that an electric skateboard is a lot heavier than the traditional skateboard, which is often carried by one hand by its users. You may have to use two hands in carrying a typical electric skateboard because a typical unit weighs at least 15 pounds.

The top speed of the skateboard is yet another consideration in your decision. Most electric skateboards have a top speed of 20 to 25 miles per hour. If you buy a skateboard that has a lower speed, then the chances are high that you will become frustrated with the speed during times when you need to get somewhere urgently (like getting to a store before it closes.)

The power of the motor is also something you need to look into. The higher the output of the motor, the more powerful the skateboard is. And a powerful skateboard is what you want when you have to go through hills.

Like in any other purchase, the price can be the deal breaker in your buying decision. An electric skateboards is definitely a lot more expensive than its traditional counterpart, so expect to pay several hundreds of dollars to a thousand dollars for this product.

There are a handful of good electric skateboards available in the market today. But you’d be foolish not to give the Marbel skateboard a look. This is one of the best motorized skateboards today, and a capable replacement for a bike or scooter.


The Marbel electric skateboard is manufactured by Marbel Technology, a Tampa, Florida-based company. Check out the amazing features of this skateboard:

  • Powered by a 2000 watt motor
  • Weight : 10 pounds
  • Top speed of 25 miles per hour
  • Range: 16 miles on a single charge
  • Incline: up to 20% grade
  • Frame material: carbon fiber composite deck
  • Battery: Lithium Ion composite deck
  • Charging: Around 80 minutes

The main selling feature of this electric skateboard is that it is the lightest electric skateboard in the world. At 10 pounds, you won’t be able to find another electric skateboard that is lighter than this model.

One of the reasons why electric skateboards aren’t exactly popular among the traditional, skateboard-loving crowd is the weight of the board itself. Unlike the old-school skateboard that weighs around 4-5 pounds, an average electric skateboard weighs more than 15 pounds.

The weight may not be an issue when you’re coasting on the motorized skateboard, but it does become a concern when it runs out of juice. As the Marbel electric skateboard is relatively light compared to other electric skateboards, you should be able to kick it home. Or even carry it home should you decide to commute instead.

The skateboard has a top speed of 25 miles per hour. It’s fast enough to outrun bikers, but not too fast that you would fear for your life.

The speed, too, affects the range of the electric skateboard. This means that the faster the skateboard goes, the lower its range becomes.

For example, if you go at the top speed, the range of the skateboard goes down to 10 to 11 miles. That’s not bad for an electric skateboard, but if you turn on the Eco mode, you can maximize your range to 16 miles.

The 38 inch-long and 10 inch wide board should not have problems tackling hills with a 20 percent grade incline.  It is made of carbon fiber composite for added stability. The slim and lightweight deck design will win the hearts of those who use their skateboard for going around the neighborhood. At the same time, its stiff deck may turn off some riders.

This electric skateboard isn’t just designed for the hardcore skateboard rider. A look at the skateboard’s four different riding modes reveals that it has different speeds to cater to the various needs of its riders.

The starter mode has a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour, with a 10 percent acceleration. Obviously this is the mode that you have to use if you have little to no experience in riding a skateboard. Once you get the hang of it, you can go to the Eco mode, which increases the speed limit of the skateboard to 17 miles an hour.

And once you have mastered riding the skateboard, you can then try the two other modes—Sport and Custom, which let you ride up to 25 miles an hour. In these two advanced modes, you can also customize the acceleration.

You can easily shift from one riding mode to another using the power nose button. Or, as I’ll explain later in this article, you can shift riding modes through an app that you can download on your smartphone.

You will be surprised to learn that there’s only a single motor powering the motorized skateboard. This 2000W motor is placed near one of the rear wheels. The design helps in making the Marbel automatic skateboard lightweight. However, it can also affect the balance, making some hard curving maneuvers harder to pull off.

Who is the Marbel Electric Skateboard For?

Based on its features, it is clear that Marbel did not design this model , but rather for the urban commuter.

The design, profile, and speed of the electric skateboard all indicate that Marbel Technology wanted to present this as a viable alternative to cars.  First, its lightweight design means you can put it inside a bag and then carry it to your office. Storage is also not a problem because of the lightweight and slim profile of the motorized skateboard. Simply hide it under your desk or let it stand behind the wall.

It’s the ideal mode of transportation for workers who live less than 10 miles away from their place of work. The 16 mile range on a single charge means that this electric skateboard will have enough juice left for a commute in the morning, and then for the commute back home in the afternoon.

And even when the battery life is only good for a one-way trip to the office, you can just re-charge the unit while at work.  It only takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery.

The skateboard’s speed is also designed to bring you to work on time without putting your life at risk. At a top speed of 25 miles per hour, this motorized skateboard is just about the speed of an average Tour de France participant.

With this skateboard as your primary mode of transportation to and from the office, you’ll be able to realize a lot of savings as you no longer have to deal with rising gas prices as well as exorbitant parking fees.

It’s also the ideal replacement for the bike, especially when you need to do some errands. This electric skateboard can get you around the neighborhood without you getting all sweaty, unlike when you bike.

The battery of the electric skateboard can be charged more than a thousand times, although by that time, the range of the skateboard would be lower. But by the time you have charged the battery for the 1,000th time, it means that the board has logged more than 15,000 miles of riding.

Just in case you’re wondering, the board isn’t designed for tricks or riding in ramps or curbs like the traditional skateboard.  Those high impact moves may damage the internal components of the Marbel e-skateboard.

When you shop for a Marbel electric skateboard for sale, you will notice that there are two wheel options—a 76mm and a 100mm. Both wheel choices have their own pros and cons.

The 100mm wheels provide more relaxed ride. The bigger wheel means the electric skateboard won’t have any problems riding over rough pavement, brick streets, and even railroad tracks. It provides a smoother ride thanks to the urethane rubber covering. The downside is that the bigger wheel is slower when getting up a hill.

The smaller wheels can give you the traditional long board experience. They’re also slightly faster than the 100mm wheels when it comes to climbing hills. But there’s really no difference between the two wheel options when cruising down a hill. The 76mm wheels will also let you feel the surface of the road that you are traversing.

Another great feature of this electric skateboard is the smartphone app that can be downloaded on an Android or iOS device.

The app lets you control the skateboard’s throttle in real time. You can also access a dashboard to adjust your setting. Choose the mode according to your riding needs- starter, eco, sports mode. Or you can go straight into the custom mode to customize the speed and rate of acceleration.

You can also enter the details of your wheels on the app itself, so that the battery range, acceleration, speed, and efficiency will be properly computed. This is particularly important if you decide to change wheels for whatever reason.

Price and Warranty

So you may wonder—how much does the Marbel electric skateboard cost?

The answer is that it can be had for $1,399. There’s only one way to order a unit and that is through the Marbel Technology website. If you place your order today, you will have to wait for 3-4 weeks as the demand for the boards is pretty high.  Delivery is made through UPS.

The Marbel board is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Thus if the unit exhibits defects in workmanship and materials, you can return it to the manufacturer as long as the warranty has not lapsed. This also covers the battery system of the board.

And in the event that you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return the board and get your money back. However, you may have to pay a restocking fee, which is around $50.


To enhance the life of the product, make it a habit to inspect the board for any damage. You can also replace or swap bearings, wheels, or belts.

If you want to clean the board itself, simply use a damp cloth. Never apply harsh chemicals on it as it can damage the finish and even affect the board’s performance.

Marbel Technology also advises belt replacement when the skateboard makes a loud popping and grinding sound.


The Marbel automatic electric skateboard is indeed one of the best electric skateboards available on the market. It is very user-friendly, intuitive, and lightweight. This is one of those purchases that you will never regret because it will allow you to save on gas expenses, aside from giving you a very fun way of getting around the neighborhood.



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