Pokémon GO Craze to Go Next Level

So in the last week Pokemon Go has gone crazy. It has been on the News & Facebook feeds have blown up about this new app. Not only that a guy in New Zealand, Tom Currie, has quit his 9-5 job to become a full time Pokemon Go Instructor.

Pokemon Go

So here at Forget Your Feet we had to ask ourselves!

What is the best way to transport yourself around your city to collect all the Pokemon?

Cars are becoming very dangerous as people slam their brakes on to capture a Pokemon. Walking can be tiring to say the least and you might miss some big Pokemon by giving up early on your hunt.

The only sensible answer is to have an Electric Skateboard to transport you from one pokemon to the next!

electric skateboard

Solving your troubles of transportation will definitely leave you with a larger gallery of Pokemon!
We only see a win win situation here for all Pokemon Hunters. And for the likes of Tom Currie who is traveling the full country of New Zealand he could take his Electric Skateboard on the 20 bus trips he has booked.


Happy Pokemon Hunting

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