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Which is better, the Street Strider or the ElliptiGo? Find out in our head to head comparison review.

Have you been looking for the top elliptical and bike combo online? If you did, one of the things you have noticed there is a great debate going on which elliptical bike is the best. There are a lot of brands being mentioned but the two most often debated are Street Strider and ElliptiGo. So which of the two is better?

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter, so I decided to review these two brands. Both are well-known for their elliptical bikes and their products get pretty good customer feedback.
We will look at two of their best products they have to offer, and we will also make a general comparison of each brand, their flexibility, performance, capabilities, and so on. In addition to the reviews I will also answer some of the most common questions about elliptical bikes in general. Street Strider and ElliptiGo make a lot of products so reading reviews of each one is going to take a lot of time. That’s why I just focused on these two.

ElliptiGo 8C – The World’s First Outdoor Elliptical Bike AND Your Best Indoor Elliptical Trainer Best Elliptical


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If you read bike and elliptical reviews you’ll notice that the 8C has received a lot of good feedback, and it’s not surprising given its quality and built. It is a mid-level bike and comes with features that riders will appreciate. The 8C has a maximum speed of 25 mph, more than sufficient for these models, and you can also cruise at 15 mph which is the range beginners will probably stick with. You might be surprised at how fast 25 mph can be for an elliptical, but the 8C runs smoothly.

There are 8 resistance levels to choose from. The lowest level is going to help you settle in so to speak, and you can crank it up and work yourself out some more. You can use the 8C fine as it is or adjust the climb up to 30%. Looking over the other specs you will see that it comes with a 306% total gear change, which means you can pedal 3x faster in top gear than at the bottom.

The 8C weighs 44 lbs. so it is a bit heavier than the other models in its class. However, the extra weight isn’t really a deal breaker. The frame is aluminum, solid and durable, and the height ranges from 50 to 58 inches. You can take out the steering column and the front wheel so it’s only 27 inches high, making it convenient for storage.

The Ergon GC3 multi-position grips are within easy reach and its 53 tooth chain ring, brake levers and linear pull rim brakes are well designed. Throw in the dual kickstand and it’s a complete package.


The 8C runs smoothly and when the resistance is set high it’s going to work you up pretty good. The stride is adjustable from 16 to 25 inches, and you sit a higher level compared to a regular bicycle so you’re more comfortable.

The 8C feels like a typical elliptical, and operation is easy. As the foot pads roll the bars at the back of the rear pad turns the crank. This makes the chain move and the rear wheel starts spinning. The handlebars make it easy for you to control steering, and keeping your balance isn’t hard. Cruising along the park, curbs and other terrain won’t be a problem.
The 8C is a lot of fun and the movement feels similar to running, but thanks to the design you don’t feel as sore as you otherwise would.

Who is the ElliptiGO 8C for?

This is one of the best elliptical machine products today, and it is suitable for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of an elliptical machine on a bike. With other elliptical bikes, riding is so complicated they’re best used by professionals, but the 8C is something that even a beginner will have no trouble using.

In other words this is the type of elliptical bike that anyone can try out regardless of their experience. It is also one of the more affordable elliptical bikes in its range so it’s definitely a good option. The adjustable steering column is a nice touch and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use.

The 8C is also appropriate if you’re going to use it on different types of terrain. The 8C is for you if you’re looking for a trainer that you can use on hilly terrain and gain more resistance. If you are new to these bikes and don’t want an elliptical bike that is too challenging this is not for you. But if you’re up for the challenge the 8C is good for you.

street strider

Street Strider Summit 8r Indoor/Outdoor Elliptical Cross Trainer Color: Black

This elliptical hybrid has been generating a lot of buzz online, and while there’s a lot of competition the Summit does not disappoint. It is an indoor / outdoor trainer so you can use this outdoors when the sun is shining, but it’s just as easy convenient to ride it indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating.

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There are some pretty impressive features on the Summit such as its compact disc brakes and an adjustable for pole for riders 5 ft. to 6’10”. The frame tubing is constructed from Aircraft Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum so this is built for long term use. Making twists and shifts is easy with the 8 Speed Shimano Nexus transmissions, so even first time riders will feel comfortable on it.

The most notable feature of a Street Strider is its 3 wheel platform. If you’re new to elliptical bikes, the three wheel design makes balancing easier, and this allows you to focus on riding than balancing. The adjustable poles can also be adjusted to give your body an extra workout.

Its foot platforms are large and the movement is elliptical. This leads to a solid but low impact workout for your lower body. Cruising on the bike is easy thanks to the responsive handlebars, and its rear caliper brakes and front drum brakes have good stopping power.


The Summit offers varying resistance levels so you can burn calories and tone your muscles at the same time, so it’s an all-in-one product. If you’re a runner you will probably end up using more of your legs compared to your arms, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to make adjustments.

The Strider Summit is a well-designed elliptical bike. You will be comfortable on it, but ride enough miles and you’re going to feel the burn in your arms and legs, which is good. You can ride this on different roads and performance is going to be good. While the Summit is designed for low impact workouts, it’s still going to burn hundreds or thousands of calories depending on your workout.

Performance wise the Summit does not disappoint, as it is going to work your core. As it is made of solid material you can also expect this to last for a long time.

Who is the Summit 8r Indoor/Outdoor Elliptical Cross Trainer For?

This exercise bike elliptical combo is the one for you if you want the benefits of cycling and jogging all in one. If you want to continue working out even if you’re indoors and yet have the flexibility to work out outdoors as well, this is for you. You get a complete workout, but you can also focus on specific parts of your body.

The Summit is powerful enough for professional cyclists to use, but it’s also one that casual cyclists will find enjoyable. It’s like jogging all right, but you won’t feel any stress on your joints. Yes you’re going to feel tired after working out, but there won’t be any stress or strain on your body, so you’re not going to injure yourself.

The Summit is perfect for cycling enthusiasts and also if you’re in a recovery workout program. As its name makes plain you can also use this for cross training, and it is going to give your lower and upper body a good workout without impacting your feet. You’re going to feel tired but you’re not going to feel strained.

ElliptiGo vs Street Strider: A Comparison

When it comes to bike and elliptical combo products, there will be the inevitable comparison between the ElliptiGo and the Street Strider. To make a valid we need to take a detailed look at each brand and what their products do.

Elliptigo For Sale

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ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycle

ElliptiGo products, like the 8C I have reviewed here, are elliptical exercise machines equipped with wheels so it works like a bicycle. You ride the ElliptiGo standing and upright, and you can look at it as a cross between an elliptical exercise machine and a bicycle.

Like a real bike, an ElliptiGo machine comes with brakes which you control with hand levers (control is similar to mountain bikes). Furthermore, ElliptiGo comes with handlebars for steering, navigating terrain and hill climbing. Speed options range from 8 to 11 depending on the model you buy, though I would suggest higher speed for hill climbing.

Key points to remember are the following:

• ElliptiGo machines are meant to give you a good cardio workout and a unique cycling experience. It is a good alternative to jogging and running, and it is easier on your hips, knees and feet without compromising on the health benefits.

• ElliptiGo models are all on two wheels so balancing is similar to a regular bicycle. As you’re in an upright position you’re able to use your body to move forward, great when climbing hills.

• Most ElliptiGo models weigh around 40 to 45 lbs. with speeds of 15 to 25 mph.

• The ElliptiGo can be used with a stationary trainer so you can continue those workouts even if it’s winter.

street strider

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The Street Strider Elliptical Cycles

The best way to describe the Street Strider is that it is a hybrid of a stand up trike and a workout machine. The most noticeable difference between the Street Strider and ElliptiGo is the Strider has three wheels – one at the back and two in front – whereas the ElliptiGo has two.
Because the Strider has three wheels it is easier to balance and pull over to make a stop. With the Strider you have to use your arms and legs to propel the bike. To make turns you have to shift your body to the right or left, and the bike will move accordingly.

• Street Strider bikes weigh 50 lbs. so they’re heavier than the ElliptiGo. There are several gear options available including the 8 speed Summit which I have reviewed here.

• These bikes can be used indoors and outdoors so no matter what the weather is like outside you will still be able to work out.

• These bikes are designed to give you a good low impact workout.

• Like the ElliptiGo, spending a few minutes on the Street Rider is going to build up your strength without risking injury to your knees or feet.

Which is Better?

If we’re talking about the brand, both are solid and provide you with lots of options for low impact workouts. As many reviewers have noted, they’re also a lot of fun and suitable for those who are recovering from an injury and want to work their way back slowly.

Street Strider and ElliptiGo share a few common features, but there are also notable differences between them. Aside from the wheels, another difference is the purpose. Street Strider bikes take the elliptical machine and set them on wheels so you can ride. The ElliptiGo has a similar function but the focus is also on simulating running without causing any injuries.

If we’re going to do a head to head comparison between the ElliptiGo and the Street Strider, here are some things to keep in mind.

• The Street Strider is good for leisurely cruising in parks, but if you plan to ride for a considerable length of time on the road, the ElliptiGo is the better option.

• Both bikes will give you a good workout in just 30 to 40 minutes. There is no need to spend hours on it.

• The ElliptiGo is easy to get the hang of, but with the three wheels the Strider is probably more suited for absolute beginners. But if you prefer a more bicycle-like experience, the ElliptiGo is preferable.

• Terrain is another factor that you have to look into, or even roads that are littered with drainage. Both the Street Strider and ElliptiGo run fine on smooth pavement, but the ElliptiGo is better equipped to handle hills and uneven terrain.

• If you’re on crowned roads or it leans to the right or left, you have to lean your body along the slope to keep going. This is something you can get used to, but for the first few times it might be awkward.

• If you’re moving downhill, the ElliptiGo is also more adept, but if you want to move fast on smooth road, the Street Strider is just as good thanks to its three wheels.

• Navigation: if you’re riding on bicycle lanes, the Strider and ElliptiGo will both do fine, but on narrow paths the ElliptiGo is more flexible as its narrow wheels allow you to move in tight spots.

• Workout Efficiency: both are efficient, but if the terrain is smooth ahead, the Street Strider has the edge. Even if your workouts are short, you’ll benefit because you’re using more muscles to move forward. This doesn’t mean the ElliptiGo isn’t good, but you may have to spend more time working out to achieve the same kind of efficiency.

• Size, Transport and Storage: the 8C is the heaviest of the ElliptiGo line, and it is only 44 lbs. with most under 40 lbs. The Strider on the other hand, weighs 50 lbs.
It is understandable why the Strider is heavier given that it has three wheels, but both bikes can be transported. Compared to regular bikes, it might take some getting used to at first. If you’re going to spend a lot of time transporting the bike, consider its weight and portability.

• Pedal Stroke: The Strider platform is flat and remains flat as you make each stroke. These platforms are larger than your feet so you can move forward or back. The ElliptiGo platform comes with runners’ kick, and your toe is slightly down when your feet are close to the brake.

• Mechanics: While there are differences between the two, they’re both good for casual riders and if you’re getting back in shape following an injury.
The bottom line is this: it depends on your goal and what model you buy. It also depends on how long you work out. With the 8C or the Summit you’re going to get a good workout, so that’s one thing you can be certain of.


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(Frequently Asked Questions) what’s better elliptical or bicycle

What is an Elliptical Bicycle?
An elliptical bicycle is a cross between an elliptical machine and a bicycle. There are many different designs, but basically these are elliptical machines with wheels, and as you pedal, the bike moves, and you use the handles and your body weight to shift directions.

What Does an Elliptical Bike Do?
An elliptical bike gives your body a complete workout. Unlike a stationary elliptical, you get the benefits of working out with a bike. In effect it’s like working out on an elliptical and a bicycle at the same time.

Which is Better, an Elliptical Bike or Treadmill?
The elliptical bike is better because the workouts are low impact. Low impact doesn’t mean they’re ineffective, but that you’re going to get the results you want. Rather it means the workouts won’t hurt your joints, knees and feet, which often happens on treadmills.

Which is Better, an Elliptical or a Bicycle?
Both are good, but the elliptical bike is better than a bicycle or an elliptical because you get the best of both worlds. An elliptical provides a good workout but not as intensive as you may like. A bicycle is going to push you, but it may be too much for some, in particular those recovering from an injury. With an elliptical bike you get both.

Are Elliptical Bikes Street Legal?
Yes, they are. You can use them in any bicycle lane.

Can You Climb Hills with an Elliptical Bike?
Most of them are capable, but you should read the product description. While all of these bikes say they can do it, the ease by which you can do it varies, with some barely adequate and others very good.

How Fast Can an Elliptical Cycle Go?
These bikes can go as fast as 25 mph.

Do These Bikes Need Assembly?
Yes, but instructions are provided so you can proceed quickly.

How Many Calories Will You Burn?
If you weigh 200 lbs. and work out at 15 mph, you’re going to burn 1,000 calories per hour. If you work out faster, you’re going to burn more weight.

Can an Elliptical Bike be Used Indoors?
Most of these bikes like the Street Strider can be used indoors. When you order the product it comes with the riser block, stand and other accessories necessary to use them indoors.

Are These Bikes Safe?
Yes they are, but you should always follow the directions and safety instructions provided.

Final Verdict

There was a time when the outdoor elliptical bike was considered something of a novelty, but now it is widely used by fitness enthusiasts, professional and casual riders. With this review hopefully you can now decide which one best meets your requirements.
But to answer the question which of the two brands is better, Street Strider or ElliptiGo, my answer is they’re both good. Customers may prefer one over the other, but when it comes to the 8C and the Summit 8r, you won’t be disappointed. So if you’re looking for a way to keep fit, give these a try.

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