The Easiest and Cheapest DIY Electric Skateboard Build (Video)

So you can’t afford a Boosted Board?

Looking to build your own DIY Electric Skateboard?

Yes it has been done multiple times before BUT this one is different.

We are confident this build can be done in 2hrs or less.

Resulting it being the cheapest, easiest and quickest build there has been yet!

If you have your own tool shed you will probably have everything you need already!

If not here is a list of the tools you require: Get them at the best prices on Amazon.

Bass Wire Wheel Brush
Extension Bit Holder
Right Angle Drill Attachment
Flexible Bit Holder
Skateboard Wheels

Watch how these dudes build an Electric Drill Skateboard in less than 3 minutes.

Father and Son Create Their Own Electric Skateboard

This duo of father and son have taken to the task of making their own skateboard.
I personally like this creation more than the one above. It uses the same power drill idea but how it is tucked away and the use of a handle appeals more to me.

This guy wouldn’t be more than 16yrs old I say, he has had some help from his dad and I am betting it would take longer than 2-3hours. But for less than a days play in the garage this board is pretty cool in our eyes.

Check out the video below:

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